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Web Hosting Piles Terms and Privacy Policy
Web Hosting Piles is focused towards businesses companies and blog owners. we have a very strict spam protection policy as well as strict rules for web hosting category on our servers.
Sorry, we are unable to host web sites containing:

1) Adult content.
2) Web sites spreading or containing hatred material
3) Gambling and betting
4) Selling or offering to download software or tools without permission or authorization from owners.
5) Any material or activity considered to be unlawful by Government of Pakistan or USA.
6) Websites containing malware, trojans and viruses.

If you violate our terms and hosts such websites reported to be against our rules we are sorry to close your account without any refund.

Please read the following terms and conditions and acceptable user policy of web hosting piles service carefully. By becoming our clients you agree to follow these terms and conditions.

Use Of Contact Details
We at web hosting piles ensure the privacy of our clients. We do not share your details with any person or third party. However if in case Government authorities (Law enforcement agencies) demand your contact details then they are provided and you will be informed about that.
Website Ownership:
You are responsible for all content located on your hosting service. In case of violent or hatred content pointed by any party to us, we will have to ask you to remove or satisfy that party. This web hosting piles policy is purely to respect others but here as a company we must mention "we believe in freedom of speech" so you should also be!
Renewal or Expiry:
Web Hosting Piles informs you 30 days before expiry or renewal date of your domain name or your web hosting account. Make sure to renew your services timely otherwise after date of expiry of domain names we will not be responsible for your domain lost. Such lost domains become the property of web hosting piles and we do have right to sell them to any third party. Similar is payments of hosting account. Make your payments timely as after 10 days grace period of payments we may suspend your account.
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
You may cancel your hosting account any time by asking us. We ensure high quality services and in case you are leaving us just due to quality of services we refund you remaining amount without any delay. If you have signed up for free domain name hosting package and are still to make remaining payments for the year, you will have to pay Domain price for that year along with hosting charges for that particular period. You will be free to transfer your domain name at any time unless and otherwise you do not have any outstanding payments towards you.
Data Backups:
Web hosting piles take regular backups on its servers. Offsite weekly backups are also maintained. However to be safe from any unseen issue we recommend our users to take backups of their important portions on regular basis. In connection with redundant servers we ensure to have our backups regularly so in any data loss issue you can ask us for backups. 
Changes to the TOS:
Web Hosting Piles reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.
***  Make sure to read web hosting terms and conditions inclusding pricvacy and refund policy before placing order.